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Aegis Mod
Aegis Mod
  • Aegis Mod

Aegis Mod

Aegis Mod


  • Product Model:20171125001
  • Brand:Anais
  • Time to market:Nov 2017

Product details

Aegis Mod

  Aegis is a high end vaping box mod device for vapor chasers.You got to have one for its elegant look and temperatrue & wattage control.Keep Calm & Vape On!


Components(Full kit)

  1* Aegis 160W

  1* USB Cable

  1* Premium Gift box

  1* User Manual 




  Material:Stainless steel

  Power range:75w-160w

  Weight: 207G

  Voltage range: 0-8.4W

  Resistance range: O.08-3ohm

  Temperature range: 200fF-600F/100Cc-315Cc



  l.Power On:While the devise is off power,fast click power button 5 times in 2 minutes to start up the screen successively shows"Aegis";

  2.Power off: while the device is power on, fast click power button 5 times in 2s, and the screen turns  off which means the device is power off.


Mode operations

  1. press the "rotate button" button3 times to swich smoking

  2.mode: power mode(VW),Temperature control mode(NI,SS,TI,BYPASS)mode.

There are three types modes for options




  choose different effect by pressing rotate button, coil type:T-TI/T-NI/T-SS.Adjust temperature coefficient of resistance.


  Choose different effect by pressing rotate button,twist the "rotate button" key to increase/reduce power.



  Contrast range is 5-160W, you can increase/decrease by rotate button.

TC mode is available when magic

  a.enter TC mode,switch among TC mode,VW mode and bypass mode by battery rotate button.

  b.twist the "rotate button"key to increase/reduce power from 100 to 315 degrees.

  c.In the TC mode,please twist the "rotate button"key to adjust the temperature celsius degrees to get the 

  d.There three option of temperature sensing coil material for you to choose T-NI/T-TI/T-SS Mode.

  e.when the screen shows TEMPERATURE PROTECTED,the heating coil and the box will continue to fire. but not be able to provide the desired.

VW mode is available for all types of atomizers

  a. Enter VW mode: switch among TC mode,VW mode and BYPASS mode by twist the "rotate button"key while screen is it counterclockwise unlocked.

  b. Twist the "Rotat

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